Bluestone Ventures Inc.

Bluestone Ventures Inc. ("Bluestone") is a patent licensing and enforcement company established in the Virginia suburbs of the Washington DC metropolitan area. Progress in today's modern technologies often requires tremendous effort by teams of researchers, each with many years of education and experience, in order to turn an otherwise "good idea" into a significant breakthrough in the consumer electronics field. Along the way, the patent application process of the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) protects those efforts. Only after rigorous examination, designed to ensure that patents are only issued when new and useful inventions have been created, does an inventor receive a patent. As such, holding a patent represents both the enormous investment of time and money into research and development, as well as the reward of well-deserved recognition for innovation in the field. For some, obtaining a patent is a lifetime achievement.

Tragically, and despite the legal protection conferred by the patent system, foreign manufacturers often ignore the rights of U.S. inventors. Patented ideas are essentially "stolen" from their owners, copied and exploited in mass-production factories, and then flooded back into the market. If left unchecked, this practice rewards theft of the inventor's "intellectual property" and undermines future research and development. This breaks the natural cycle between R&D and manufacturing, and ultimately everyone suffers from the lack of innovation and progress.